Hudson in Provence
“Charming and adorable Hudson is back.
This time vacationing in the south of France, having a great doggy time.”
DELIA EPHRON, best-selling author, playwright and screenwriter

Hudson, the loveable pooch who first appeared in Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Ex-Pat Dog, is back and thirsting for adventure — this time vacationing in the glorious south of France.

Escaping the sweltering August heat of Paris, he is enchanted by the beauty of Provence and eager to become a provençal dog. But this city dog discovers he’s flat-footed when it comes to herding sheep, has no snout when it comes to sniffing out truffles, and can barely pedal his bike in the Tour de France. It’s only when he stops imitating the other dogs and follows his heart that he discovers his own unique talent.

Children, francophiles and dog-lovers alike will fall in love all over again with the four-legged American ex-pat as he sniffs, barks and digs his way through Provence.

Available May 2015